Faculty Highlights

Lisa S. Hutton, JD

Areas of Expertise:

  • Academic leadership and management
  • online curriculum development and oversight
  • academic assessment
  • faculty development and mentorship


  • Juris Doctor, JFK School of Law, Pleasant Hill CA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, California State University, Chico, CA​

Certifications and /or licenses:

  • ​CA State Bar License (#203233), admitted to practice in all CA courts and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California
  • WASCUC Assessment Leadership Academy

Select Professional Experience:

  • ​Executive Board Member, American Association for Paralegal and Legal Education (AAfPE) 2018-current
  • Legal Methods, Introduction to Law, Legal Research and Writing, Capstone
  • Contra Costa County Bar Association member
  • Legal Studies Advisory Board Chair 2005-2019
  • President, JFK University Faculty Senate 2009-2018
  • Hutton, L. (2006, 2010) Presentation: Navigating Business & Professions Code 6450-6456. Mt. Diablo Legal Professionals Association)
  • Hutton, L. (2009) Presentation: How to Integrate the Core Curriculum with Legal Specialty Courses. AAfPE, Portland, OR
  • Hutton, L. (2009-2011) Presentation: What Psychiatrists need to know when dealing with Lawyers. PSD 7141
  • Hutton, L. (2010) Presentation: Employability of Paralegals in the 21st Century. AAfPE, San Francisco, CA
  • Hutton, L. (2010) Presentation: Making Assessment a part of University’s Culture.  WASC ARC, Long Beach CA
  • Hutton, L. (2010) Presentation: Creating an online lab in your traditional legal specialty coursework. AAfPE, Denver, CO
  • Hutton, L. (2011) Presentation: The ABC’s of Program Directors. AAfPE, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Hutton, L. (2011) Presentation: Gaining and Sustaining Faculty Support for Program Assessment. WASC ARC, San Francisco, CA
  • Hutton, L. (2012) Presentation: The ABC’s of Program Assessment. AAfPE, Savannah GA
  • Hutton, L. (2013). Paralegals: Part of the Solution. Contra Costa Lawyer, June 2013
  • Hutton, L. (2014) Presentation: Utilization of Advisory Boards in Higher Education.  WASC ARC, Los Angeles, CA
  • Hutton, L. (2014) Presentation: Promoting the Paralegal. AAfPE, Las Vegas, NV
  • Hutton, L. (2015) Presentation: Retention Strategies for Adult Learners. WASC ARC, Oakland, CA
  • Hutton, L. (2016) Presentation: Tips to Streamline Program and Course-level Assessment AAfPE, San Antonio, TX
  • Hutton, L. (2017) Presentation: Syllabus 101. AAfPE, Albuquerque, NM
  • Hutton, L. (2017) Effective Use of Paralegals in Education. Contra Costa Lawyer, October 2017
  • Hutton, L. (2018) Presentation: Establishing an Institutional Process for Annual Assessment of ILO’s. WASC Arc, San Francisco, CA
  • Hutton, L. (2019) Presentation: Legal Ethics, What you Need to Know. MDLPA, Walnut Creek CA
  • Hutton, L. (2019) Presentation: Changes to the State Bar Rules on Ethics. SFPA, San Francisco, CA

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